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15 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Pull Back the Curtain and Share What it *Really* Takes to Create a High-Level of Success

(And It May Not Be What you Think...)

Tina Forsyth, Author of the Award Winning Book The Entrepreneur's Trap

I'll admit it, I've always been nosy.

My parents like to remind me about the family road trip we took when I was 3 where all they heard for days was "Why is that cow over there? What is that car doing? Where are we going?"

I was the kid that opened her presents BEFORE Christmas morning - I perfected the art of lining the tape back up on the wrapping paper so my mom wouldn't find out I was snooping (although she knew I was, of course!)

And yes, I'm still nosy today... and although my insatiable curiosity may get in the way at times I'm putting it to important use here today.

Because here's the thing:

I believe that women are optimally positioned to create AMAZING success on the entrepreneurial path - for themselves, their clients and their families.

And I believe that the world needs us - right here, right now - to bring the best of who we are to the table.

In the 14+ years since I've been in business I've seen (and experienced) that it isn't always sunshine and roses. In fact sometimes it can be downright painful... yet so many of us feel DEEPLY that we are meant to be on this journey, we DESIRE success and know that we have something amazing to offer to the world.

But we struggle. We procrastinate. We spin our wheels. We get caught up in fear, doubt or worry. We find ourselves doing EVERYTHING by the book but still not getting the results we want. We reach the top of one mountain only to find that a bigger challenge lies on the other side.

And in some cases, we give up.

I have to tell you - there is nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing a phenomenally talented woman shrink from her TRUE success or turn her back on her business and walk away. And I've seen this happen more times than I would like over the years (and have been at that crossroads a few times myself!)

So what does it *really* take to succeed?

  • What is it that DRIVES highly successful women? Those who are on "top" so to speak - knowing that of course that the top is different for each of us and continues to expand at each new level of growth.
  • What are they DOING to get through those tough times? To keep going when they have everything on the line with no guarantee of success.
  • How do they THINK differently? What is the mindset that keeps them focused on their goals and moving forward no matter what, especially in the face of extreme challenges?
  • How do they ENJOY their success? The most successful women I know have amazing, joyful lives and have made this a part of the fabric of how they operate.
  • What kind of SUPPORT do they have around them? Both within the business - team - and in their personal lives as well.
  • What do they KNOW that you don't? (yet) The beauty of it is, you can find out right here, right now.

Those are the questions that I'm curious about right now, which leads to the theme of the 2013 Women on Top Summit

Can I get an amen?

Seriously, you wouldn't be reading this right now if you weren't a woman on a mission - here to make the world a better place for YOU, your clients and your loved ones. And to make a darn good living in the process, both in terms of income and enjoyment.

The Women on Top Summit is a celebration of that. A celebration of where you are at in your journey right now, and where you want to be.

My intent is to help YOU find what you need to shift – at a deep level – at the right time. It might be one little nugget that hits home for you, or a fireworks display of one a-ha after another. It might be a loving tap on the shoulder or a bop on the head (which I know I need from time to time!)

And I’m confident with the line-up of amazing speakers that we have gathered that you will find what you need in the right moment, so you can continue on your own entrepreneurial path to success, love and prosperity.

Why did I invite these folks? Simple - because they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table when it comes to creating success at a high level. And because I wanted to pick their brains myself, I thought "hey - why not invite you to eavesdrop in on the conversations?"

Each of this year's speakers is someone that I know personally - some peripherally and some intimately - and they are the ones I turn to when I need a boost of inspiration, a dose of wisdom or a loving kick-in-the-butt. They are people who LIVE what this Summit is about and who I have the utmost respect and love for.

And last but not least - each of them said yes without hesitation when I invited them to speak at this Summit, despite their own crazy busy schedules - which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to seeing YOU succeed.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to...

David Neagle
The Million Dollar Income
Acceleration Mentor

New Level, New Devil

Don't let the elastic band of success slap you back down on your way to the top! 

Have you ever heard the expression: "Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems."? Well, make no mistake, the same rule follows every growth phase in business too! When expansion is embraced, challenges of equal measure automatically follow. The key is to understand exactly how to think about those challenges when they inevitably arrive, so that they may be overcome elegantly, efficiently and with an even bigger up-side for your business! Join David Neagle & Tina Forsyth on this never-before-offered tele-class for entrepreneurs, designed to inspire you to boldly go after the highest levels of success knowing: It May Not Always Be Easy ... But It Will Always Be Worth It!

Andrea Lee
Founder, Wealthy Thought Leader

What's Next for Innovators Like You

7 Characteristics of the BEST Entrepreneurs in the World

On the path to determining success on your terms, you have a lot of choices. How you decide what's important is a very personal thing! These 7 characteristics, shared with passion and power by Andrea, will include real-life case studies to demonstrate the learnings, a hands-on exercise, and a number of Andrea's most well-known teaching metaphors. If you've heard of Andrea before, but haven't yet experienced her, you don't want to miss her latest collection of timely and humorous wisdom. And don't worry, she'll make sure you can apply it right away!


Fabienne Fredrickson
Founder, Client Attraction Business School

Embrace Your Magnificence

Get Out of Your Own Way and Live a Richer, Fuller and More Abundant Life

When you realize just how magnificent you truly are, you step up confidently
to shift your life. When you see how glorious and brave you are, you gather the courage to break out of your shell, stop playing small and step into the potential of your life purpose. When you honor, love and value yourself, you accept all the abundance the universe has in store for you.

Join Fabienne for this session on self-esteem, healing, forgiveness, self-love,
faith and courage. As Fabienne shares from her own experiences, realizations, and transformations, you'll be guided to create meaningful shifts in your own life as you discover how healing your self-image has a direct correlation to your health, wealth and happiness, how you stop yourself without even knowing it and simple shifts you can make today to create dramatic transformations.

Kendall SummerHawkLeading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money

A Woman's Secrets to Charging What You're Worth

No element of building your business is as laced with emotion as figuring out what to charge. For men, the question of fees is typically "just about the numbers". But for women, our fees - and even our business income as a whole - stirs up feelings of doubt, self-worth and the question of "who am I?"

As the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money, Kendall will share practical strategies you can use to break through into charging what you're worth, helping you to increase your self-worth AND your net worth at the same time. Plus, as a thought leader on money, she'll share insights as to how you can stand in your power with money, with feminine grace and ease.

Alexis Neely
Founder, The Money Map to Freedom

Financial Liberation

Your Path to Sovereignty in the New Economy

Financial Liberation is when you know - with certainty - that you can bring in the amount of money you need, when you need it on demand. This session with Alexis is a frank and transparent discussion about how her own journey from being a "successful" yet miserable multi-million dollar business owner took her on a journey of seeking happiness, filing bankruptcy and ultimately to a place of true success and freedom. Alexis will share the three key elements that make up the new definition of wealth for women entrepreneurs, and how you can start to set the foundation for real, heartfelt success right now - regardless of where your business is at.

Sheree Keys
Founder, Institute of Energy Based Health and the Network Building Academy

Letting Go

How to Lean Into Change with Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Change is a given on the path of entrepreneurship - and we each have the choice to either embrace or resist it. Sharing from the experience of her own life and business changes in recent years, Sheree is going to teach you how to “lean” into letting go so you will no longer try to force yourself to just be happy but instead move forward and do the work to get to the magical life on the other side of many of life’s transitions.  Sheree will give you specific strategies and practices that can begin to use your body, mind, and soul as you move through your life and transform.


Odette Laurie
Author of Profit Domination, Founder of Business Women on Top

What is a Woman on Top?

Defining Success on your Terms

The focus of this Summit invites the obvious question – what does it mean to be a woman on top? One of the most common mistakes is trying to fit into someone else’s “top”, only to find that it doesn’t fit who you are and what you really want. In this session with Woman on Top Business Coach Odette Laurie we are going to explore how to control your doubts and fears, how to kick your “buts” to the curb, and how to plan and execute a business strategy that lets you create success on your terms and truly dominate your profits.


Angelique Rewers
Founder, The Corporate Agent

5 Lies & Excuses Women Tell Themselves That Keep Them Playing Small

When Angelique decided to use her first-hand experience landing major deals with FORTUNE 500 and other big companies in order to help other women business owners create the business and life of their dreams, she thought the biggest challenge she'd face would be imparting her years of experience in a straightforward, repeatable system. Turns out, she was dead wrong. "I think what shocked me most," says Angelique, "is that the biggest thing keeping women stuck playing a small game in their business is their internal dialogue — the things they say to themselves about why they can't do, be or have what it is they really want."

In this powerful segment of Women on Top, Angelique will share what she has learned are the 5 biggest lies and excuses keeping women sidelined from the ocean of business opportunity that exists for them right now, as well as the specific and practical strategies she uses to help her own coaching clients break through to the other side.


Pam Slim
Award Winning Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and the upcoming Body of Work

Lead Your Life with a Powerful Body of Work

Live the Gift that You are Meant to Be in the World

Creating a business is a full-scale adventure, laced with adrenaline and terror. You must race to profitability, and prove that your business model has viability, or you will never make it. Why is it worth the work it takes to build a company? How do you create something great, while not neglecting your health or your family? In this talk, Pamela Slim will share the framework of building a body of work, and help you link your business success with great personal and professional legacy.

Jessica Eaves Matthews
America’s Advocate for Women in Business™

Wonder Women

How Western Women Will Save the World

There is a seismic shift taking place today in the way businesses are launched, how they are run and – most importantly – in how success is measured. The traditional business model, fueled by testosterone and focused on winning at all costs, is irretrievably broken. Further, many of the devastating problems we now see in our country and the world today are a direct result of this mindset taken to the extreme.  

As the author of a new book, coauthored with Phil Dyer, Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World Jessica is leading the charge to help women (and men) stage a recovery with a focus not just on the bottom line, but on bringing humanity and empathy back to business. This session will open your eyes to the realities of this inevitable and swiftly moving business revolution, and more importantly, it will give you very practical guidance on how to experience your own personal and professional revolution starting today.

Angela Jia Kim

Founder, Savor the Success

Dream, Do, Savor Your Best Year Yet

Never settle for less than the best

As an accidental entrepreneur who launched without an MBA, money or connections, Angela took what started as a personal frustration with a face cream and launched her first business Om Aroma & Co, an organic skincare line that started at her kitchen table. While connecting with her fellow entrepreneurs while launching her second business, Savor Spa, a boutique spa in NYC's West Villiage, Angela noticed that most entrepreneurs were overworked, tired, uninspired, and not making a profit in business.

Taking her experience as a highly-trained concert pianist-turned-7-Figure-businesswoman, she founded Savor the Success, a community for women entrepreneurs and leaders who use the power of business to do massive good in the world. Angela's mission of give-give-get has laid the foundation for her success and paved the way for expanding her businesses at every level.

Valerie Young
Author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women

How to Feel As Bright and Capable as Other People "Think" You Are

Why People – and Women Especially -- Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How You Can Thrive In Spite of It

Do you secretly worry that others will find out you’re not as intelligent and competent as they seem to think you are? Do you often dismiss your accomplishments as a “fluke” or “no big deal?” Do you think, “If I can do it, anyone can”? Are you crushed by even constructive criticism, taking it as evidence of your ineptness?

If so, you aren't alone. In fact millions of talented people around the world suffer deeply and privately from the Impostor Syndrome. In this session Valerie Young is going to give practical strategies for interrupting the Impostor Syndrome that you can start using immediately. By applying these simple but powerful techniques you'll finally be able to begin to see yourself as the bright, competent person you really are!

Graham White
Human Behaviour & Marketing Expert

What Evolved Women Want

How the 5 Levels of Consciousness Affect Both Your Personal & Business Relationships

Women have a unique gift that literally allows them to gauge a person, situation or potential outcome in an instant. That '6th Sense', 'Gut Instinct' or 'Feminine Intuition' has catapulted women to the front of the line in almost every area of life - and left them waiting for men to catch up. 

Having made a life's study of people's behavior in relationships and business, Graham was determined to find the Rosetta Stone that explained why some people do, some simply try and others just don't bother. Based on the clarity he'd arrived at in his own life through 4 major life and death choices, 2 catastrophic financial crisis, and the study of over 50,000 individual life profiles Graham began experiencing an epiphany of consciousness that he has been sharing for the past year with his online Facebook community and network of professional women creating big changes around the world. 

Bobbie Robertson
Founder, Music & Dance Preschools, Keller School of Music

Suck It Up and Do it Anyways

How a School Teacher Turned Her Husband's Near Bankrupt Music Store into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

After 30 years of teaching public school, Bobbie found herself in the middle of her husband’s failing guitar shop and over $500K in debt. And to top things off, she knew absolutely nothing about business, guitars, or even MUSIC. But, she knew that most successful business people understand the necessity to surround themselves with experts. So, she made it a point to find an expert in the music industry who would be willing to coach her.

Within 18 months of working with him and his mastermind group, she pulled that store out of the hole, increased revenue by 960%, and won a new car for the most improved music studio.  By 2010, her company had raised its annual revenues to well over $1 million dollars per year and today, she is running a multimillion dollar business with multiple locations and 30+ employees, has a successful coaching and public speaking business, and has become a published author.

The Women on Top "LIVING IT" People's Choice Award Winner

People's Choice "Living It" Award Winner

Voting Starts October 14th

Our final speaker will be chosen by you - the women with whom we are walking this path. Via an application process, we chose 15 women who we believe exemplify the principles of what it is to be a woman on top - and each of these 15 women will be showcased to our community at large in a special series starting on October 14th. Once you meet these women and learn more about their journies, you will have the opportunity to vote on who you would like to see as our first ever Women on Top People's Choice Award Winner. (It's not going to be an easy choice - cause these ladies all rock!)

Tina Forsyth
Founder, Automate Your Growth

Host of the Women on Top Summit

<-- That's me!

It's my honor to be hosting the AMAZING group of folks we have gathered this year for the Women on Top Summit.

I'm the voice you will hear at the top of each call saying welcome, and shining a spotlight on the wisdom that each speakers has to share (including popping in some questions along the way... can't help myself.)

This is NOT another "How to" Telesummit

Just to be clear, this is not your average how-to business building telesummit. Let's face it... you already know what you need to do for the most part. You need to get clear on your offering, who you are serving, how to market, how to close sales and deliver an awesome product or service. Doesn't matter what kind of business you have or the industry that you are in - the HOW of building a business is essentially the same for all of us. And there are a myriad of amazing folks out there who can help you learn more about any of those areas that you don't have nailed yet.

That's not why we are here.

The Women on Top Summit is about community - about women coming together, sharing and learning from each other on this path and celebrating each step we take, even when we falter.

It's about knowing on a soul level that you are meant to do the work you are doing, that the world needs what you have to offer and that your ultimate job is to stay the course - even when it sucks.

It's about deciding what success means to you and not falling into the trap of the old and outdated definitions of what the world says success should be - while still creating an amazing income and life!

It's about doing whatever it takes to succeed without having to sacrifice our families, health or sanity in the process.

And last but not least, it's about the conversation - being real, open and honest about the journey and sharing from the heart in support of others.

This Summit is for you if:

  • You've reached a certain level of success, and KNOW that there is something more but you aren't sure what it is or how to get there.
  • You have literally DONE EVERYTHING by the book and still haven't reached your goals - and you have no idea what the heck is getting in the way.
  • You want to CONNECT with a group of like minded women entrepreneurs who are also on a mission and kicking butt.
  • You are exhausted, frustrated but still DETERMINED to make your business work and take it to the next level.
  • You learn best by hearing the STORIES and getting the inside scoop from other women entrepreneurs.
  • You are in LOVE with your work, and know that there is always something to be learned from those who have gone the path before you.
  • You are simply nosy, which you know I'm a-ok with. ;)

Be sure to join us.

The Live Summit is now over but that doesn't mean you have to miss it...

I’ve already spent thousands of dollars learning from these speakers…

Literally. And in some cases tens of thousands to coach directly with a few of them. So I KNOW first hand the value of what they teach, and I also know that each time you listen to these recordings you will hear something else, something NEW that is relevant for you in the right time.

Because I know this is material I will return to throughout my business journey I wanted to give you an ‘easy yes’ option to do the same!

FOR ONLY $97 USD Receive
DOWNLOADABLE MP3 Recordings and TRANSCRIPTS for all 15 Sessions


A quick recap of what is included:

  • David Neagle re: New Level, New Devil (a brand new session being taught here for the FIRST time.)
  • Andrea Lee re: 7 Characteristics of the BEST Entrepreneurs in the World (which got a standing ovation at a recent ICF Conference)
  • Fabienne Fredrickson re: Embracing Your Magnificence (a sneak peak of the book of the same name coming out this fall)
  • Kendall SummerHawk re: Charging What you are Worth (because too many of you are NOT making money!)
  • Alexis Neely re: Financial Liberation (from multi-millions to bankruptcy and back again)
  • Sheree Keys re: Letting Go (weaving happiness into the inevitable changes of life and business)
  • Odette Laurie re: What is a Woman On Top? (Defining Success on your Terms)
  • Angelique Rewers re: 5 Lies & Excuses Women Tell Themselves That Keep Them Playing Small (an upfront and honest conversation around how YOU are getting in the way)
  • Pam Slim re: Lead Your Life with a Powerful Body of Work (what we do matters – period)
  • Jessica Eaves Mathews re: Wonder Women (As the Dalai Lama said in 2009, “The world will be saved by the western woman”)
  • Angela Jia Kim re: Savoring your Best Year Yet (how to never settle for less than the best)
  • Valerie Young re: Imposter Syndrome (you will be AMAZED at the secret thoughts of successful women)
  • Graham White re: What Evolved Women Want (How the 5 Levels of Consciousness Affect Both Your Personal & Business Relationships)
  • Bobbie Robertson re: Suck It Up And Do it Anyhow (how a school teacher took her husbands failing guitar shop from $500K in debt to profit in 18 months)
  • Donna Cravotta re: Living It! - winner of the Women on Top People’s Choice Award Winner
  • Tina Forsyth re: The 6-Figure Stuck Point (avoid the common traps that will suck up your time & money at this pivotal point of growth!)

Let the conversations begin! See you on the other side.

P.S. If we haven't met before, consider this a "virtual handshake" and hello... I look forward to getting to know you during this Summit. And if you are curious (nosy? hehe) to learn more about who I am you can read my bio at www.tinaforsyth.com or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter as well.

P.P.S. - Are men welcome to drop by as well? But of course! Although the Summit is obviously geared towards women with a focus on the feminine journey of business, we love the men in our lives who *get* it and who are on the same path to creating true entrepreneurial success on their terms. So come on in and join us, if you don't mind being surrounded by a bunch of awesome women. <-- who can resist that right? ;)

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